Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

My 25 Birthday

Long Time No see yaaa.....

I'm sorry to you for my post being pending again,,, This is my first post in this march, I will write about my birthday that was at 5 March, this is Silver B'day that means 25 years old (omg,omg,omg) ,,,,

Okay check this out the picture

The candle is 25 pieces

after blowing the candle

me, my beautyful mom, my cute Nadya

my lovely husband

my husband take a candid photo of me

This is my close up makeup

What I use :

Outfit : Random Shops
Necklace : Mayonette Webstore
Pink Headband : Stroberri Accessories, Mantos Manado
Make Up :
Usually as always, I use primer and mineral melting foundation from Innisfree, 
Then I use Skinfood buckwheat loose Powder,
Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Aloha V Line slim maker from Etude House,
Purple Eyeliner from Holika Holika,
Eyeshadow from Coastal Scents Original Palette,
Lipstick from Wardah Palette, mix 2 colour from peach and soft pink,
Fake eyelash from Diamond Lash

What about your birthday?

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